Reader in Marxist Philosophy

From the writings of Marx, Engels, and Lenin

Edited by Howard Selsam, Harry Martel


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2018

384 pages

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This volume is designed to provide a coherent and systemic presentation of the Marxist world outlook as given by the great exponents themselves. It is the first volume devoted exclusively to their philosophical writings, many of which are scattered through innumerable works.

The book is divided as follows:

(I) What Marxism Is;
(II) Materialism versus Idealism,
(III) Dialectics and the Dialectical Method;
(IV) Theory of Knowledge and the Philosophy of Science;
(V) The Materialist Interpretation of History;
(VI) Religion;
(VI) Ethics.
Appendix A: The Formative Period;
Appendix B: Lenin's Philosophical Notebooks

Howard Selsam

Howard Selsam (1903-1970) was an American Marxist philosopher.