The RSS and the BJP: A Division of Labour


LeftWord Books, New Delhi, 2003

118 pages

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The fascist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, through its political arm, the BJP, is now at the centre of Indian politics. This poses a grave danger to Indian democracy and secularism. What was the role of the Hindutva forces in the struggle against the British? What links did Gandhiji's killer Nathuram Godse have with the RSS? How did the political arm of the RSS, the Jan Sangh, and its later incarnation, BJP, come into being? What actually happened on that fateful day of Dec. 6, 1992? What are the current agendas of the RSS? What does the elevation of the hardliner Sudarshan to the post of the Sarsanghchalak of the RSS mean? Marshalling a wealth of factual and archival detail, eminent lawyer and political commentator A.G. Noorani answers these and a host of other questions in his characteristically forthright and hard hitting style. Reprinted and updated til Feb. 2001.

A.G. Noorani

A. G. Noorani is a lawyer, historian and author. He has practised as an advocate in the Supreme Court of India and in the Bombay High Court. He is one of the few remaining experts on the Constitution of India from his generation. His columns have appeared in various publications, including Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Frontline, Economic and Political Weekly and Dainik Bhaskar. He is the author of a number of books, including The Kashmir DisputeThe Destruction of Hyderabad, The Babri Masjid Question and, for LeftWord, The RSS and the BJP: A Division of Labour (2000), Islam and Jihad (2002) and Savarkar and Hindutva: The Godse Connection (2002).