Socialist Revolution in Russia in 1917 to Capitalist Counter Revolution in 1991

2 Volume Set

Sukomal Sen


Aakar Books, Delhi, 2017

1,076 pages

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The book (in 2 volumes) is designed to historically analyze on the basis of Soviet Archive materials and other valuable documents, the causes of the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 and its demise in 1991. The analytical history of these seven decades is a very tortuous one. Perhaps it is a first time attempt by a scholar to undertake this voluminous, delicate job.

The Soviet Revolution unfolded new vistas for emancipation for all humanity.

Sukomal Sen

Sukomal Sen (14 June 1934 – 22 November 2017) was the author of Working Class of India, the history of its emergence and rise, and also the famous work, International Working Class Movement, and many other such works. He was a Member of Parliament and a member of the central committee of CPI(M).