Class, Race and Education

Under Neoliberal Capitalism

Dave Hill


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2017

280 pages

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With the onset of Austerity Capitalism and Immiseration Capitalism, and with the increasing commodification, marketisation and privatisation of society and of education, Marxist Theory and Marxist Education Theory have taken on a new urgency. This is particularly so in the face of the 'class war from above', in which bankers and the capitalist class gets ever richer, while the living standards, public and formerly public institutions and the material conditions of life are diminished and degraded.

In this collection of essays, written from a classical Marxist perspective, and fired with a cold anger and incisive analysis, Dave Hill lays bare how the capitalist class and their often unwitting helpers in the knowledge industry/academia, use ideological (and repressive) state apparatuses, such as education, to divide, disarm and demoralise critical, Marxist analysis and activism.

In this powerful collection, Dave Hill, catalogues and castigates capitalist/pro-capitalist depredation both within the academy, within classrooms and within society. But in this volume, there is more than critique – there is a call to action, a call for anger and analysis, a demand for theoretically informed practice in the different arenas of Resistance.

Dave Hill

Dave Hill is a Marxist academic and political and educational activist. He has fought ten elections in England at local, national and European levels, been an elected trade union regional leader and, when the Labour Party was left-wing, was a Labour Group (Council) Leader. In terms of Direct Action, he has recently been tear-gassed while on anti-government demonstrations in Athens and Ankara and is an activist in TUSC (the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) and in Left Unity. He co-founded the Hillcole Group of Radical left Educators in 1989 and chaired it until 2001, founded the Institute for Education Policy Studies ( in 1989 and set up the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies ( in 2003. Since then, it, a free online peer-reviewed journal, has been downloaded a million times—free of charge. The journal went into print production in 2012 (available for purchase). He is Research Professor of Education at Anglia Ruskin University, England, and Visiting Professor of Critical Policy and Equality Studies at the University of Limerick, Ireland, and Visiting Professor of Education at the Universities of Middlesex, London, England, and Athens, Greece.