Excursus in History


Tulika Books, 2011

xvi+380 pages pages

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Prabhat Patnaik

Prabhat Patnaik retired as Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is the author of Time, Inflation and Growth (1988), Economics and Egalitarianism (1991), Whatever Happened to Imperialism and other essays (1995), Accumulation and Stability under Capitalism (1997), The Retreat to Unfreedom (2003), The Value of Money (2008) and Re-Envisioning Socialism (2011). He is the Editor of the journal Social Scientist.


"Excursus In History: Essays on Some Ideas of Irfan Habib shows how the work of Irfan Habib has broken new ground in different areas in Indian history, going beyond the narrow field of his specialization where, to be sure, his work has been paradigmatic." - Kesavan Veluthat, Frontline

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