The Dialectics of the Abstract and the Concrete in Marx's Capital


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2008

294 pages

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The book presents an integral Marxist conception of the dialectics and methodology, of scientific theoretical cognition, of the dialectical interrelation between the abstract and the concrete, of the unity of the historical and the logical, and of the correlation between dialectical and formal logic, etc. These problems are considered against the background of a profound philosophical analysis of Marx’s Capital. The meaningful discussion of the material is accompanied by a critical analysis of various non-Marxist philosophical trends (neopositivism, existentialism, and other). The book also touches on a number of controversial issues-the expression of real contradictions in concepts, the problem of the universal, and so on. The writer has set forth his ideas in a vivid, imaginative language.

E.V. Ilyenkov

Evald Vassilievich Ilyenkov (1924-79) was a Marxist philosopher in the erstwhile Soviet Union.