Essays on Marx's Theory of Value


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2010

275 pages

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Economic theorist and historian I.I. Rubin suggests a definition of political economy which has nothing in common with the definition of economics. According to Rubin, 'Political economy deals with human working activity, not from the standpoint of its technical methods and instruments of labour, but from the standpoint of its social form. It deals with production relations which are established among people in the process of production.'

Isaak I. Rubin

Isaak Illich Rubin, born in 1886, became an active participant in the Russian revolutionary movement. After the Bolshevik seizure of power he worked as professor of Marxist economics, and in 1926 became a research associate at the Marx-Engels Institute. In 1930, Rubin was imprisoned, accused of belonging to an organization that never existed, forced to "confess" events that never took place, and finally removed from among the living. His other books include History of Economic Thought, and Contemporary Economists in the West and an anthology, Classics of Political Economy from the Seventeenth to the Mid-Nineteenth Century.