Marginalization, Development and Resistance, Vol. 2

Vol. 1 - The Crisis of Development

G. Haragopal, K.B. Saxena


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2014

308 pages

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Marginalization, Development and Resistance, is a set of two volumes dedicated to the memory of S. R. Sankaran, a legendary civil servant with deep commitment to the poor. This tribute attempts to promote a meaningful debate on the development model in the country that, instead of improving the conditions of the poor, is causing their further marginalization, resulting in varied forms of resistance. This volume discusses the plight of the most marginalized among them the Dalits and Adivasis as well as issues relating the migration, manual scavenging, poverty, employment, ecology and the agratian crisis. 

The contributors to these volumes include administrators with long experience in policymaking and implementation, academicians involved in critical debates on the very essence of what constitutes development and activists who are a part of resistance movements. combining critical ideas, rich administrative experience and peoples responses, these two volumes attempt to take the development debates in contemporary India forward.

G. Haragopal

Prof. Haragopal, distinguished political scientist is currently ICSSR National Fellow with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad. He was with the University of Hyderabad as a professor in the Department of Political Science and later in the Center for Human Rights, nurturing and guiding generations of students across different departments till his retirement.

K.B. Saxena

K B Saxena retired from the Indian Administrative Service in 2001. He is currently Professor of Social Justice and Governance in the Council for Social Development.