Philosophy, Ideology and Social Science

Essays in Negation and Affirmation

Istvan Meszaros


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2013

284 pages

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This important book, written by a major contemporary philosopher, provides a comprehensive critical evaluation of ideology. Professor Meszaros presents some of the most significant analyses of Rousseau, Adam Smith, Hegel, Marx, Weber, Lukacs, Keynes, Heidegger, Austin and Sartre. Written over a period of more than two decades, these essays are made accessible to a wider English readership here for the first time.

Philosophy, Ideology and Social Science is concerned with the specific role which ideology plays in the process of social structural adjustments. Professor Meszaros presents his ideas on a broad historical canvas. He concludes with an examination of the way in which European Literature has dealt with the problem of alienation.

Istvan Meszaros

István Mészáros (19 December 1930 - 1 October 2017), one of the foremost Marxist intellectuals of our time, left his native Hungary after the Soviet invasion of 1956. He was professor emeritus at the University of Sussex, where he held the chair of philosophy for fifteen years. Mészáros is the author of The Structural Crisis of CapitalThe Challenge and Burden of Historical TimeBeyond Capital: Toward a Theory of Transition, and Marx's Theory of Alienation, among other books.