Bhagat Singh

Liberation's Blazing Star

P.M.S. Grewal


LeftWord Books, 2007

101 pages

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Besides being a salute to this extraordinarily heroic figure of the Indian national liberation struggle, Bhagat Singh, Liberation's Blazing Star seeks to situate him in his own times and come to an understanding of his legacy and its relevance today. In doing so, it argues not only against the Congress efforts to dilute Bhagat Singh's revolutionary legacy and the Hindu Right's efforts to mutilate it, but also the extreme left's efforts to project Bhagat Singh and his comrades as the only truly revolutionary force in the national liberation struggle, pitting them against the Communist Party. 

P.M.S. Grewal

P.M.S. Grewal is Secretary, Delhi State Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).