Dispatches from Latin America

Experiments Against Neoliberalism

Teo Ballve, Vijay Prashad


LeftWord Books, 2006

376 pages

Series: Dispatches

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From the laboratory of neoliberalism — popularly known as 'globalization' — Latin America has transformed itself into a launching pad for resistance. As globalization began to spread its devastation, robust and thoughtful opposition emerged in response — in the recovered factory movement of Argentina, in the presidential elections of indigenous leaders and radicals like Chavez and Morales, against the privatization of water in Bolivia.

In Dispatches from Latin America, 28 authors report on 11 different countries, together mapping the contemporary political and social terrain. This collection offers us a riveting series of accounts that bring new insight into the region's struggles and victories.

Teo Ballve

TEO BALLVÉ is a North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) editor.

Vijay Prashad

Vijay Prashad is the Executive Director of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. He is the author or editor of several books, including The Darker Nations: A Biography of the Short-Lived Third World and The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South (both from LeftWord). His most recent book is Red Star Over the Third World (LeftWord 2017). He writes regularly for FrontlineThe HinduAlternet and BirGun. He is Chief Editor at LeftWord Books.


A great book. Because there is a prophecy in Latin America that we in Asia and Africa can miserably miss — that of creative rebellion.


The book offers a riveting series of accounts of the struggle and victories in Latin America.

The Statesman

Vijay Prashad's preface underscores the importance of the book as despite the recent spurt of interest, Latin America remains largely unknown to the Indian reader. . . . The book is an essential background reading for those interested in anti-globalisation resistance movements, indigenous politics and the rise of the left in Latin America.

Social Scientist