‘Memoirs of a Dalit Communist’: Note from the Editors

17 January 2020

We are pleased to bring you the life story of R.B. More as written by More himself and by his son Satyendra. This is not only a crucial document of the past, but it is an inspirational testimony for our struggles today. We are glad that the work of father and son is now being appreciated and studied. Satyendra More finished the work of his father. The original Marathi text was written and edited by Satyendra More. Printed editions of this book will make this clear by a sticker, and future printed copies will be amended to ensure that this fact is clear.

Subodh More, son of Satyendra More and grandson of R.B. More
Wandana Sonalkar, Translator, Memoirs of a Dalit Communist
Anupama Rao, Editor, Memoirs of a Dalit Communist
Vijay Prashad, Chief Editor, LeftWord Books
Sudhanva Deshpande, Managing Editor, LeftWord Books