Letter to the Book Club Members
Dear Book Club member,
Greetings from LeftWord!
Over the years, you've been our staunchest supporter. You've responded to our books with comments and feedback. You've promoted our books on social media, in educational institutions and libraries, and through word of mouth. You've also been a source of tremendous financial support for us, by buying directly from us, rather than through a bookseller. For all this, and more, we are truly grateful.
Many of you have expressed a desire for the Book Club to be more than just a discount disbursing mechanism. We agree. The Book Club can become a forum for discussion and debate. It can become an intellectual and political space for airing and exchanging critical ideas. It can become a collegial platform to help each other engage with complex and difficult books and ideas.
We'd like to invite you to meet us to discuss some of these ideas. We'd love to hear your responses to our publication plans. We'd be delighted if you propose ideas that maybe we haven't thought of before.
Since Vijay is going to be in town for a few days, we want to invite you to an intimate sharing session. We will outline our plans, and we want to hear from you about what you'd like us to do. In particular, we need you to think with us about the Book Club and what we can collectively make it. This interaction is slated for:
May 26 (Friday), 5.30 p.m., May Day Bookstore and Café
(Directions: Metro: SHADIPUR on the blue line. Exit: Satyam Cinema. We don’t recommend driving. Finding parking is tough.
Rickshaw from Meto: “Biyaasi number”
Walking from Metro: Take Suman Lata Bhadola Marg, pass Satyam Cinema, till T-Point. Turn left, pass Ranjit Nagar Police Station, look for Rahmat Medical Store straight ahead. Studio Safdar is adjacent to it. Signboard: Mayday Bookstore & Cafe.)
Earlier on the same day, Vijay is going to be leading a Socialist Writing Workshop. The details are here. Please feel free to share information about the writing workshop with friends and associates. Registration details are in the link.
We do hope you'll make to the interaction on the 26th evening. See you, then!
Warm regards,
~ Sudhanva Deshpande and Vijay Prashad
along with all the staff