Are we living under fascism already?
Newsletter this Week..
In the latest post on the LeftWord Blog, Vijay Prashad points towards his rejoinder to Jairus Banaji's ad hominem attack on Prakash Karat. Karat makes a distinction between a fascist and an authoritarian regime, and Banaji, rather than engaging with the substance of Karat's argument, makes an ill-toned attack on what he considers 'Stalinism'.
In fact, Banaji displays the very sectarianism he asks the Indian Left to shed.Vijay Prashad's rejoinder draws from his analysis in No Free Left, available in print and as e-book.
To have a sense of how Banaji himself sees fascism, read this volume, edited by him.
For more readings on fascism, look at Resistible Rise: A Fascism Reader, edited by Shaswati Mazumdar and Margit Koves.
More essays on the rise of the Right today are available in The Politics of the Right, this year's edition of Socialist Register.
In India, of course, the communalism of the majority poses as nationalism. Randhir Singh explores this connection in On Nationalism and Communalism in India. For a case study of how the Hindu Right thinks, read Teesta Setalvad's dossier on Gandhi's killing.
Talking of Gandhi's killers, A.G. Noorani's classic study of the link between Savarkar and Hindutva, explores the Godse connection.
And if you're interested in looking at how artists have resisted the Hindu Right, Articulating Resistance will fascinate you.
Finally, there's Rana Ayyub's explosive Gujarat Files the bestseller of the year.
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