adivaani, Kolkata, 2016

Language: Bilingual (Hindi+English)

164 pages

5 x 8 inches

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Jacinta Kerketta has in a short time succeeded in becoming acclaimed in the Hindi literary world due to her consistent creativity. The alertness and efficiency with which she has introduced a particular context in her verses is a new experience to poetry lovers. Her poems effectively convey the pain, anguish and anger of the indigenous tribal society. Additionally, Jacinta has sought to empathetically understand the tribal woman's plight through her poems. 

– Mahadev Toppo

Various Adivasi dialects in Chotanagpur use Angor for the Hindi Angar in the sense of ember. Angar in literary discourse is figuratively associated with protest or revolution, while in the Adivasi context it signifies the spark of resistance to oppression and exploitation. A common practice in Adivasi neighbourhood is women sharing embers to ignite their household ovens. Such a practice symbolically underlines their unity in trying conditions.   

Jacinta Kerketta

Jacinta Kerketta (1983) born in Khudpos village of Manoharpur Block adjacent to the sprawling Saranda jungle in West Singhbhum district, Jharkhand, bordering Odisha.