Short Stories by Iranian Women

Edited by Kaveh Basmenji


Stanza, New Delhi, 2014


200 pages

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Whether negotiating often-treacherous paths through political and religious upheavals or threading their way through dreams and fantasies, the characters in these stories are vivid and compelling enough to challenge and surprise anyone unfamiliar with Iranian life and literature. From the oppressive atmosphere before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Simin Daneshvar's 'Whom Shall I Greet?' to Shahrnoosh Parsipour's mesmerising story of women who blur distinctions between reality and dreams in 'Crystal Pendants', these tales brim with the inner lives, attitudes and outlooks of women in Iran.

Kaveh Basmenji

Kaveh Basmenji (b. 1961) is a journalist and translator currently based in Prague.


There is great talent in these stories as well as great courage.

Elaine Showalter