India's Long Walk Home


AuthorsUpFront, Noida, 2021

Language: English

231 pages

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This book is a mirror of our times. It raises questions, shatters assumptions and provides an unbiased view of the challenges we as a diverse country are facing today.

India’s Long Walk Home is a one-of-a-kind anthology that presents a unique assortment of fiction, non-fiction and poetry from some of our most perceptive writers and thinkers, as well as ordinary people.

Overshadowed by disease, death and poverty, we have all become pilgrims, struggling along different paths to arrive at the same realization that we’re not alone, that there may be others less fortunate than us, with whom we can share a lot. This book is a result of a quiet struggle against the gradual evaporation of India’s liberal ethos, its cultural multiplicity and generosity of soul.
– MRINAL PANDE (Author and Senior Editor)

Put together with love and empathy, this book – which contains writings by established and new writers – is a precious gift, a reminder, in these dark times, that there is always hope and in that hope, there is always beauty.
– URVASHI BUTALIA (Writer, Publisher and Activist)