Psychoanalytic Theory and Criticism


Orient BlackSwan, Hyderabad, 2016

Language: English

107 pages

140 x 216 mm

Price INR 195
Book Club Price INR 166
This book is designed to help students learn the basics of psychoanalytic theory and criticism as they have developed in the last hundred years and as they have been put to use in literary and cultural studies. It focuses on Freud’s texts as the core and beginning of the discipline, while also pointing to the work of other psychoanalysts and literary and cultural theorists who have refined and developed Freud’s formulations. The book shows a way to engage with psychoanalysis that is loyal to Freud and what has come since Freud in psychoanalytic thinking.

Andrew Slade

Andrew Slade is Associate Professor and Chair, Department of English,University of Dayton, Ohio.