Mother Russia


R B Enterprises, Kolkata, 2019

428 pages

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No other book in English describes so vividly and comprehensively Soviet Russia at war. The author, returning late in 1942 from the last of many journeys to the Soviet Union, tells us how the farms and factories were working. He made the journey up the Volga to the Caucasus and Moscow, interviewing soldiers and civilians on the way. He heard the tales of the young heroes and heroines of the guerrilla warfare which had been so important a factor in Russia's success and went to their native villages to interview their friends and relations, since they, of course, had barely survived. In this book, we see how Russia lived, ate, worked as well as fought. We get a strong impression of the weapons they fought with and their feelings towards the outer world. Edith Shackleton rightly said, 'Nobody describes the tumultuous Russia of our own time better than Maurice.'

Maurice Hindus

Maurice Hindus (1891-1969) was a Russian-born novelist and American authority on the Soviet Union. He was the author of several books on peasant life in Russia as well as his own autobiography, Green Worlds (1938).