Rama with an Axe

Myth and Cult of Parasurama Avatara

Pradeep Kant Choudhary


Parasurama is a multi-faceted mythical figure in the Hindu mythology, who is portrayed as a warrior sage, a matricide, a slayer of kshatriyas and an avatara in his own right. This book studies not only varied dimensions of his myths and cult, but also explores the complex processes of the evolution and propagation thereof. The work addresses various questions related to the authorship, patronage, usage and multiple agendas of the epic and puranic myths. It highlights the role of patrons and clientele in the composition of texts and underlines the circuitous route trodden by the numerous cults in South Asia. It invokes a combined method in Indology – a combination of archaeological, historical, and anthropological texts to understand the social history of myths.

Pradeep Kant Choudhary

Pradeep Kant Choudhary is an Associate Professor of History, Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi.