Dialectical Materialism

An Introduction

Maurice Cornforth


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2015

Language: English

207 pages

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Volume One is intended for the general reader who wants to know what Dialectical Materialism means in theory and practice. The ideas underlying Marxist philosophy are explained in non-technical language and their application is shown in a number of examples.

Volume Two is on Marxist philosophy. It defines the principal concepts in terms of which Marxism understands social development – the mode of production, exploitation, classes, social-economic formations; summaries the basic law of development of society discovered by Marx; and deals with the evolution of the social 'superstructure' on the economic basis. Lastly, it outlines the Marxist theory of socialism and communism.

Volume Three outlines the Marxist approach to some of the fundamental questions of philosophy – the relation of matter and mind, language and thought, ideas and reality, and necessity and freedom.

Maurice Cornforth

Maurice Campbell Cornforth (1909-1980) was a British Marxist philosopher. He is the author of several popular works such as Science versus Idealism (1946), The Theory of Knowledge (1954) and Communism and Human Values (1972).