The New Militants


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2014

87 pages

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Murzban Jal is Professor at the Center for Educational Studies, Indian Institute of Education, Pune. Author of the Seductions of Karl Marx and Zoroastrianism - From Antiquity to the Modern Period, Jal advocates a Marxist Humanism where philosophy, science and aesthetics meet. And it is in this triad of philosophy, science and aesthetics that Jal talks of Marxism as a dramaturgy where Marx and Engels' the Manifesto of the Communist Party is redrafted for the 21st century alongside Shakespeare's Hamlet and Goethe's Faust. This work The New Militants presents the parliamentary leftist as Hamlet who gripped with melancholia is too scared to revolt and the Indian Maoist inspired by messianic violence depicted as Faust who sells his soul to the devil for immortality. In contrast to both Hamlet and Faust, Jal talks of the Leninist party as the expression of the world proletariat where Marxist dramaturgy is realized as the aesthetics of insurrection.

Murzban Jal

Murzban Jal is Professor at the Centre for Educational Studies, Indian Institute of Education, Pune and author of the Seductions of Karl Marx, Zoroastrianism: From Antiquity to the Modern Period and The New Militants. Jal is both a classical Marxist and as well as a Freudian critical theorist who bases his research on Marx and Freud's theories of alienation in the late capitalist society. Then he combines the Marxist theory of objectification of humanity with Freud's theory of Neurosis and Psychosis. His recent claim is that the old stages theory of Psycho-Analysis where Neurosis and Psychosis are divided into two distinct stages of mental illness is now redundant. Instead, he claims that both Neurosis and Psychosis are integrated as neurosis-psychosis. Combining the understanding of the neurosis-psychosis as the new disorder of contemporary society, he argues for a model of mass politics where the idea of humanity as humanity is kept at the centre of an alternative society where the programme of de-alienating humanity is hurled as a new philosophical and scientific discourse.