1. LeftWord Books salutes the memory of Prof DN Jha

    LeftWord Books salutes the memory of Prof DN Jha

    LeftWord Books salutes the memory of Prof DN Jha. He was a historian who believed above all in evidence-based history writing. No matter how much vitriol and abuses were thrown his way by the Hindu Right, he continued to assert the truth as he saw it. Whether it was to argue that the Gupta period was no ‘golden age’, or to argue that there was no evidence for a Hindu temple under the Babri Masjid, or to argue that the consumption of beef was quite prevalent in ancient India, he consistently [...]
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  2. Before he was M. N. Roy

    Before he was M. N. Roy

    The climate of war in 1914 activated the revolutionary underground in Kolkata. Securing funds and ammunitions became a priority, in the backdrop of a wider plan to overthrow British rule. A synchronised insurrection was envisaged with the aid of German armaments, from Lahore to Singapore, in consultation with Ghadar, pan-Islamist, bhadralok and other revolutionary groups within India and abroad. The Jugantar revolutionary cells carried out several robberies to acquire arms and ammunitions. In Oc[...]
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  3. Sudhanva Deshpande on ‘The How of Publishing’

    Sudhanva Deshpande on ‘The How of Publishing’

    Sudhanva Deshpande, managing editor of Leftword Books, spoke to Bridget Impey of Jacana Media, Johannesburg, on the 8th of December. He talked about our publishing model which projects the interests of the working people and movements for social transformation, and how we link the sales model with innovative ways to sell directly to those markets. See the interview below to learn more about the formation of LeftWord, the starting of our e-commerce website—possibly the first of its kind in Indi[...]
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  4. Aijaz Ahmad on Gramsci and Hindutva

    Aijaz Ahmad on Gramsci and Hindutva

    For those that brought down the Babri Masjid, it was a symbol of a culture of cruelty, that of the invading Muslims against the Hindus. In its demolition, on the other hand, it has come to represent the exact opposite. In the following extract from an interview of Aijaz Ahmad (AA) by LeftWord’s Chief Editor Vijay Prashad (VP) for our title Nothing Human is Alien to Me, he talks about why European fascism is an inadequate category for understanding the rise of Hindutva, and that to counter this[...]
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  5. The Spy and the Kingdom

    The Spy and the Kingdom

    More often than not the more well-known spies are the ones notorious for having betrayed the country they ostensibly serve, i.e. double agents, primarily those that betrayed the countries of the ‘free’ world, like Great Britain. While few stones are left unturned to expose these traitors so long after the fact, the counterspies of the Crown lay respectably buried in the historical record. This short note by historian Suchetana Chattopadhyay is about one such anti-Soviet British spy of the in[...]
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