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  1. An India without the Left?

    An India without the Left?

    To understand the Left’s central role, one has to take stock of the mass mobilisations to highlight injustice and inequity One out of every two Indians goes to bed hungry at night. That’s almost 700 million Indians. The number comes from McKinsey. But you don’t need a consultant to tell you about the distress in India. It is evident on our streets and in our fields. Agrarian distress (amplified by the suicide of farmers) and urban distress (illustrated by the growth of slums) have become ..
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  2. Facing odds still moving ahead: Kulgam (Jammu & Kashmir)

    Facing odds still moving ahead: Kulgam (Jammu & Kashmir)

    Very few people know that the red flag of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), CPIM, staunchly defends the people’s rights against the police and military excesses here and also is a beacon to combat the designs of secessionist elements in Kashmir valley. In the state, the CPIM is a small party, which has only one MLA - Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami from Kulgam. Nonetheless, the party has faced great violence here, which is little known outside the state. Nearly fifty comrades have been killed b..
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