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  1. LeftWord Recommends: Books on Agrarian Crisis

    LeftWord Recommends: Books on Agrarian Crisis

    For too long, successive governments have ignored and been complicit in furthering the rural distress.  Its grave nature is reflected in the suicide of well over 300,000 farmers in last 20 years. The consequences are no longer restricted to the Agriculture sector alone. It has now become a crisis of the society and civilization as well. Many Farmers' groups will march as Kisan Mukti March to the Indian Parliament in Delhi on November 29-30 demanding a special session of the Parliament dedicat[...]
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  2. LeftWord Recommends: Books on Russian Revolution

    LeftWord Recommends: Books on Russian Revolution

    It's been hundred years of the Russian Revolution. In all these years, countless books have been written on the revolution, its aftermath and its impact on numerous first world and the third world societies. This reading list is an exploration of the events that changed the course of history and their effects on the world. Note: All these books are available at our bookstore. We only have single copies of the titles from foreign independent publishers. The LeftWord titles are also available at [...]
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  3. Namo's Readings

    Namo's Readings

    We know a lot about Namo. We know of his incessant foreign trips, of his sartorial preferences, his love of his own voice.   But we don't know what he reads.   Namo's pal Barack recently released his music playlist. We can picture Namo's smirk when he heard this. Not for him such trivial pastimes. He is the leader of a great ancient nation. The nation which invented, in the hoary past, plastic surgery and aeroplanes and whatnot. Namo says so. He must have read it somewhere.   The nation[...]
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