1. Activist Arrests in India Are Part of a Dangerous Global Trend to Stifle Dissent

    Activist Arrests in India Are Part of a Dangerous Global Trend to Stifle Dissent

    On Tuesday morning, the police from the Indian city of Pune (in the state of Maharashtra) raided the homes of lawyers and social activists across India and arrested five of them. Many of them are not household names around the world, since they are people who work silently on behalf of the poor and oppressed in a country where half the population does not eat sufficiently. Their names are Gautam Navlakha, Sudha Bharadwaj, Vernon Gonsalves, Arun Ferreira and Varavara Rao. What unites these peop[...]
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  2. Adani, Jay Amit Shah & the Ruling Ideas of the Ruling Class

    Adani, Jay Amit Shah & the Ruling Ideas of the Ruling Class

    George Orwell’s 1984 echoes with the slogan – Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. The State, Orwell wrote, attempts to manage ‘knowledge,' to produce discourses that change according to its own interests and its agendas. The State attempts to ‘manufacture’ knowledge to achieve its ends, using all the power of its institutions to drive its project. The class that controls the State defines what is ‘correct’ in its time. As Marx and[...]
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  3. AG Noorani and Hindutva

    AG Noorani and Hindutva

    We, at LeftWord Books, have been proud to publish the thoroughly-researched and laser-sharp writings of AG Noorani. Born in 1930, Noorani is a renowned advocate in the Bombay High Court and in the Supreme Court of India. It is that lawyer’s eye that Noorani brings to his historical and political studies, careful to map out the dynamics of human events but also to judge them based on a moral standard that oscillates between the barometer of common sense and the liberal constitutional tradition.[...]
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  4. Are we living under fascism already?

    Are we living under fascism already?

    Newsletter this Week..   In the latest post on the LeftWord Blog, Vijay Prashad points towards his rejoinder to Jairus Banaji's ad hominem attack on Prakash Karat. Karat makes a distinction between a fascist and an authoritarian regime, and Banaji, rather than engaging with the substance of Karat's argument, makes an ill-toned attack on what he considers 'Stalinism'. In fact, Banaji displays the very sectarianism he asks the Indian Left to shed.Vijay Prashad's rejoinder draws from his[...]
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  5. Namo's Readings

    Namo's Readings

    We know a lot about Namo. We know of his incessant foreign trips, of his sartorial preferences, his love of his own voice.   But we don't know what he reads.   Namo's pal Barack recently released his music playlist. We can picture Namo's smirk when he heard this. Not for him such trivial pastimes. He is the leader of a great ancient nation. The nation which invented, in the hoary past, plastic surgery and aeroplanes and whatnot. Namo says so. He must have read it somewhere.   The nation[...]
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