1. An India without the Left?

    An India without the Left?

    To understand the Left’s central role, one has to take stock of the mass mobilisations to highlight injustice and inequity One out of every two Indians goes to bed hungry at night. That’s almost 700 million Indians. The number comes from McKinsey. But you don’t need a consultant to tell you about the distress in India. It is evident on our streets and in our fields. Agrarian distress (amplified by the suicide of farmers) and urban distress (illustrated by the growth of slums) have become ..
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  2. Two New LeftWord Titles: by Samir Amin and Lula da Silva

    Two New LeftWord Titles: by Samir Amin and Lula da Silva

    We have published 9 titles in 2018 and there are more titles in our schedule for this year. For a brief review of our books this year, the reviews that our books received, their excerpts from various publications, interviews of our authors and events around our books, you can read our blog on our books in 2018. Recently, we published two new titles. Here's a quick information about these titles:  1. Truth Will Prevail: Why I Have Been Condemned  An ultra-right fanatic is today the Pres..
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  3. LeftWord Books in Kolkata: New Developments

    LeftWord Books in Kolkata: New Developments

    At the start of this month, Seagull Books shifted into a new home at 36C, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road in Kolkata, 700025. Already into their 36th year, Seagull Books has also opened a new space in Delhi's Maharani Bagh. LeftWord Books has a special designated shelf at Seagull Bookstore in Kolkata. All our new titles and titles from our back-list are available at the Seagull Bookstore. We are planning to organize events at Seagull Books' space in the form of reading groups, small poetry sessions..
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  4. Marx Turns 200

    Marx Turns 200

    I imagine Karl Marx at his desk in the British Library, reading the Blue Books produced by the British imperial officials, studying the large books of Smith and Ricardo, spilling ink onto his coat, wondering what chaos will meet him at home. When he returns home, his children throw themselves on his bulk, demanding he read Shakespeare or the Grimm’s Fairy Tales to them. One of his children is likely sick, his wife and Helene Demuth tending to the ailing child. Marx tells Jenny Marx what he has..
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  5. Vas Bien, Fidel.

    Vas Bien, Fidel.

    In 1999, LeftWord Books – only a few months old – decided that one of our early titles must be from Fidel Castro. Castro had delivered two speeches that year, one at the University of Venezuela and the other at a conference on culture and development in Havana. These were incredible speeches – vintage Castro – laying out his assessment of the world through the experiences of Cuba and through the emergence of what he called ‘imperialist globalisation’. One of the key elements of Castr..
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