1. Getting to know the ‘Bolsheviks’

    Getting to know the ‘Bolsheviks’

    In the cities of colonial India, caught in the vortex of war-time/post-war scarcity and political repression, how did the colonizers and a segment of their literate middle-class subjects perceive and depict the Bolshevik Revolution through newspaper pages? In the course of November 1917, the colonial world became gradually acquainted with Bolshevism through hostile news networks based in the West. In Kolkata, the former capital of British Empire in India until 1912 and the provincial cap..
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  2. The Revolution of Ordinary People: Russia, 1917

    The Revolution of Ordinary People: Russia, 1917

    Lenin did not make the Revolution in 1917. Nor did Stalin. Nor Trotsky. They each provided crucial leadership, with Lenin’s role being essential from April 1917 onwards. But they were part of a tidal wave that had first risen in 1905, crested and then rose again during the Great War. This tidal wave was lifted by ordinary people – factory workers, landless peasants, housewives, soldiers, students and those who barely found the means to survive. It is they who made the Revolution happen in ..
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  3. Letter to Our LeftWord Community (May 2017)

    Letter to Our LeftWord Community (May 2017)

    Dear Comrades and Friends, We are now in the midst of 2017 – the centenary year of the Russian Revolution. The Soviet Union, which was built after the Revolution, lasted a mere seventy years. This is far too short a time in the span of human history to make any kind of judgment about either socialism or communism.  Great strides were made, certainly, but there were also grievous wrongs. Two of our new books offer a sense of the Revolution and of the USSR: Cecilia Bobrovskaya’s Rank and ..
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  4. Happy Birthday Shaheed Bhagat Singh: An Interview with Professor Chaman Lal

    Happy Birthday Shaheed Bhagat Singh: An Interview with Professor Chaman Lal

    Bhagat Singh Read Marx, Watched Charlie Chaplin, Enjoyed Drinking Milk and Carried an English Dictionary in His Pocket. Bhagat Singh was born on 28 September 1907 in Lyallpur district. At the age of 12, Bhagat Singh bemoaned the massacre at Jallianwallah Bagh. It would impact him for his entire life. In March 1926, Bhagat Singh formed the Hindustan Naujavan Sabha. In 1928, now with the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association, Bhagat Singh shot John Sanders, a British imperialist police offic..
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