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  1. ‘Memoirs of a Dalit Communist’: Note from the Editors

    ‘Memoirs of a Dalit Communist’: Note from the Editors

    17 January 2020 We are pleased to bring you the life story of R.B. More as written by More himself and by his son Satyendra. This is not only a crucial document of the past, but it is an inspirational testimony for our struggles today. We are glad that the work of father and son is now being appreciated and studied. Satyendra More finished the work of his father. The original Marathi text was written and edited by Satyendra More. Printed editions of this book will make this clear by a sticker, [...]
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  2. May Day at May Day – 2019

    May Day at May Day – 2019

    2019 was special for us at LeftWord Books. We turned 20 this year. Even the bookstore – May Day – is 6 years old now. 'There was barely place to stand!' is what we reported last year. But we broke our own record this year, with over 800 of you joining our May Day celebrations. Amidst all the books, coffee, pastries and music, we went around asking you questions. Hope that didn't bother much. We were only trying to survey who was visiting us. The total number who agreed to take the survey w[...]
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  3. Books that we liked in 2018

    Books that we liked in 2018

    2019 is almost here. As 2018 comes to an end, we look back at the year gone by. At LeftWord Books, we published 10 new titles. You can read about our books in 2018 here. This is also the time when people come up with their lists of 'best or worst' things in a year. We followed the trend and asked people in our staff to name their three favorite books from the ones that they read in 2018. Although, the ground rules in other lists emphasize that books in the list must be published in the year they[...]
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  4. Two New LeftWord Titles: by Samir Amin and Lula da Silva

    Two New LeftWord Titles: by Samir Amin and Lula da Silva

    We have published 9 titles in 2018 and there are more titles in our schedule for this year. For a brief review of our books this year, the reviews that our books received, their excerpts from various publications, interviews of our authors and events around our books, you can read our blog on our books in 2018. Recently, we published two new titles. Here's a quick information about these titles:  1. Truth Will Prevail: Why I Have Been Condemned  An ultra-right fanatic is today the Pres[...]
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  5. Manto in our Times- An Interview with Nandita Das

    Manto in our Times- An Interview with Nandita Das

     Saadat Hasan Manto died on 18th January, 1955 in Lahore. Sixty five years after his death, Manto remains relevant to our times. His legacy shines on with his 22 collections of short stories and multiple collections of essays, personal sketches and plays. In the last few years, there has been a significant surge in the number of biographical movies produced in Bollywood. But, most of these movies are either based on sport-persons or social achievers. In the filmography of Hindi movies, there[...]
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