1. ‘Bharatratna’ Savarkar!

    ‘Bharatratna’ Savarkar!

    Though delayed, justice has finally been done to the man. After years of prevarication, the Bhartiya Janta Party has at last publicly and explicitly owned up Vinayak Damodar Savarkar as its cult figure. The BJP seeks to displace Gandhi from his position as the pre-eminent symbol of Indian nationalism and project, in his stead, Savarkar as a national hero. This is an enterprise, however, that is fraught with risk. The risk of the truth coming out in the open. In his book, Savarkar and Hindutva:..
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  2. Red Sun in a Blue Sky

    Red Sun in a Blue Sky

    Subhashini Ali delivered this speech at EMS Smrithi, Thrissur in June 2017:   25 years of neo-liberalism have seen the greatest concentrations of wealth and exponentially growing disparity.  They have also seen not only growing unemployment but lowering of standards of living of the middle class and working class people.  This is the natural result of the wage cuts and loss of jobs with guaranteed benefits. It has often been said that the market is not kind and it is unkindest to the poores..
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  3. AG Noorani and Hindutva

    AG Noorani and Hindutva

    We, at LeftWord Books, have been proud to publish the thoroughly-researched and laser-sharp writings of AG Noorani. Born in 1930, Noorani is a renowned advocate in the Bombay High Court and in the Supreme Court of India. It is that lawyer’s eye that Noorani brings to his historical and political studies, careful to map out the dynamics of human events but also to judge them based on a moral standard that oscillates between the barometer of common sense and the liberal constitutional tradition...
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  4. Blue and Red Flags for a New Era of Struggle

    Blue and Red Flags for a New Era of Struggle

    September 16 was an important day in the attempts by the Communist Parties to forge closer links of solidarity and joint struggle with important Dalit leaders and movements. The two-and-a-half years of the BJP-led Government have been witness to unprecedented attacks on the people of our country, on their livelihood, their jobs, their security, their access to education and health services and to their right to eat, think, speak and write as they choose within the parameters of civilized behavio..
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  5. Dalit Resistance and the Role of the Left

    Dalit Resistance and the Role of the Left

    A fundamental and core feature of India’s socio-economic structures is its caste system. Birth and descent determine positions in immutable social hierarchies. When Rohith Vemula penned his tragic yet passionate suicide note he described his Dalit identity as a ‘fatal accident’. And it is true. Had he been born into another caste, he would not as a child has had to witness his mother Radhika facing caste based indignities. Nor would Rohith and his sibling Raja have faced discrimination in ..
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