1. The Birth of the Communist Manifesto

    The Birth of the Communist Manifesto

    In 1848, Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels published a short pamphlet on behalf of the Communist League. Marx and Engels, both young men at that time, were tasked by the League to produce a document that would define their current situation and propose a communist path forward. This is what they did. Their text - The Communist Manifesto - arrived at a propitious time. Not long after the publication of the Manifesto on February 21, 1848, workers and peasants as well as sections of the middle class..
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  2. Vas Bien, Fidel.

    Vas Bien, Fidel.

    In 1999, LeftWord Books – only a few months old – decided that one of our early titles must be from Fidel Castro. Castro had delivered two speeches that year, one at the University of Venezuela and the other at a conference on culture and development in Havana. These were incredible speeches – vintage Castro – laying out his assessment of the world through the experiences of Cuba and through the emergence of what he called ‘imperialist globalisation’. One of the key elements of Castr..
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