1. In the land called hunger

    In the land called hunger

    As the kisan rally marched into Mumbai, all eyes were on one man, the CPI(M) MLA from Surgana and Kalwan constituencies. He organised the potable water and food packets. He sent messages to party colleagues in Mumbai and Delhi. Above all, he egged on the 35,000 peasants through personal example, he walked shoulder to shoulder with them. And the peasants marched with him, they trusted him.          Comrade Jiva Gavit Even when the peasants walked through Mumbai at midnight (so as not t[...]
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  2. #KisanLongMarch


        ‘Meherbani nakko! Hakk Havet.’ ‘No favors, we want our rights.’ On 6 March, about 20,000 farmers from Maharashtra mobilized by CPI (M)-affiliated All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) began their 200-km march to Mumbai from Nashik. The plan was to indefinitely gherao the Assembly while the Budget session was on and demand immediate resolution of the life-and-death issues facing farmers. The march swelled to around 35,000 farmers as they walked in the heat for six days and reached Mumba[...]
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  3. The Left Loses an Election in Tripura, but it Has Not Been Defeated

    The Left Loses an Election in Tripura, but it Has Not Been Defeated

    The BJP and its ally – the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) – have won the 2018 elections to the Tripura state legislature. The alliance of the BJP and the IPFT will now form a government. The Left It is the first time in twenty-five years that Tripura, a state of four million people in India’s northeast, will be without a government of the Left. The outgoing chief minister – Manik Sarkar of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI-M] – has been in that office since M[...]
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  4. A spark of hope for India's future in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

    A spark of hope for India's future in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

    In an alternative world, the BJP would have been routed in both Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. It is the Party of the Rich, the party of corruption and deceit,  the party with fangs against minorities - particularly Muslims. Why a party with such fangs can win elections is to be seriously considered. Books - such as Manjari Katju's new Hinduising Democracy - suggest that the rise of the BJP and its Sangh Parivar has virtually overrun not only democratic institutions but also the culture of[...]
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  5. The Russian Revolution Is Still Relevant Today

    The Russian Revolution Is Still Relevant Today

    Brinda Karat with Aleida Guevara March, veteran of Cuba’s medical brigades and daughter of Che. The upcoming 7th November will mark the 100 years of the Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution changed the course of history in many ways. In what is remarked as one of the most significant events of the 20th century, the ordinary Russians took control of the stage to overthrow the provisional government and established a rule of the proletariat. Various organizations around the world have o[...]
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