1. Liberate the Colonies! Voices from the Global Struggle for Freedom

    Liberate the Colonies! Voices from the Global Struggle for Freedom

    ‘I come from the Indies; I have travelled forty days.’ These words were addressed by Tan Malaka of the Communist Party of the Dutch East Indies to the Congress of the Toilers of the Far East—convened by the Comintern. He had been asked to conclude his speech as his time was up. He was in no mood to comply. Fighters for justice are not easily silenced, even by their comrades! The speaker hadn’t travelled forty days to discuss the political situation back home with foreigners. Divided by ..
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  2. LeftWord Books in 2018

    LeftWord Books in 2018

    2018 has been an eventful year for us at LeftWord Books. We've published 7 books till now and there are 8 more titles in our schedule for this year. This blog is a brief review of our books this year and also includes the reviews that our books received, their excerpts from various publications, interviews of our authors and events around our books. *********************************** Selected Writings of Lenin 'Struggling uncompromisingly with the reformists and all kinds of distortionists..
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  3. Marx Turns 200

    Marx Turns 200

    I imagine Karl Marx at his desk in the British Library, reading the Blue Books produced by the British imperial officials, studying the large books of Smith and Ricardo, spilling ink onto his coat, wondering what chaos will meet him at home. When he returns home, his children throw themselves on his bulk, demanding he read Shakespeare or the Grimm’s Fairy Tales to them. One of his children is likely sick, his wife and Helene Demuth tending to the ailing child. Marx tells Jenny Marx what he has..
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  4. The Revolution of 1917

    The Revolution of 1917

    Today – November 7, 2017 – is the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917. In February of that year, the working class and peasantry – along with the soldiers – overthrew the Tsar’s regime. That October (November in our calendar), led by the Bolshevik party, the workers and peasants completed their social revolution by overthrowing the conciliatory government of the bourgeoisie led by Alexander Kerensky. Lenin, who had returned to Russia from exile, saw that behind Kerensky..
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  5. Communist Prints: Sidenotes to the Asian Women’s Conference of 1949

    Communist Prints: Sidenotes to the Asian Women’s Conference of 1949

    The paper caught my attention. The pictures slipped into my fingers from the archive file. The paper was fine and strong, with a subtle texture and sheen. It felt as if it were made of silk. Three of the brightly colored woodblock prints shared the same paper. All featured peasant women were reveling in the benefits of communism. The images suffered from mild water damage. This blurred the writing and spread a pink wash of watercolor paint over parts of the image. The stories they tell, however..
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