1. May Day at May Day – 2019

    May Day at May Day – 2019

    2019 was special for us at LeftWord Books. We turned 20 this year. Even the bookstore – May Day – is 6 years old now. 'There was barely place to stand!' is what we reported last year. But we broke our own record this year, with over 800 of you joining our May Day celebrations. Amidst all the books, coffee, pastries and music, we went around asking you questions. Hope that didn't bother much. We were only trying to survey who was visiting us. The total number who agreed to take the survey w[...]
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  2. Story Time in Kerala

    Story Time in Kerala

    On a warm evening in 1972, when I was five years old and living in a village by the sea—Puthenthope in Thiruvananthapuram—I accompanied my cousin to our village library. The librarian gave me a nice smile and took me to the old wooden shelves where the children's books were stacked. As I quickly glanced through them my eyes rested on an oddly shaped book—Vaalameen Chirikkunnu (The Vaala Fish Laughs). The book was the Malayalam translation of a Soviet folktale, fabulously illustrated and pr[...]
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  3. Our Marie Kondo book lists: Vijay Prashad and Sudhanva Deshpande

    Our Marie Kondo book lists: Vijay Prashad and Sudhanva Deshpande

    Marie Kondo, the Japanese television star of Tiding Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix), wrote in her book The Changing Magic of Tidying Up – ‘I now keep my collection of books to about thirty volumes at any one time’. The phrase was misquoted on social media, as if she had implied that one should only have thirty books. That was not what she wrote. But it got us thinking: what are the thirty books that have most influenced us?There’s the perennial ‘desert island’ challenge. What is the on[...]
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  4. Two New LeftWord Titles: by Samir Amin and Lula da Silva

    Two New LeftWord Titles: by Samir Amin and Lula da Silva

    We have published 9 titles in 2018 and there are more titles in our schedule for this year. For a brief review of our books this year, the reviews that our books received, their excerpts from various publications, interviews of our authors and events around our books, you can read our blog on our books in 2018. Recently, we published two new titles. Here's a quick information about these titles:  1. Truth Will Prevail: Why I Have Been Condemned  An ultra-right fanatic is today the Pres[...]
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  5. Letter from the Editors- September, 2018

    Letter from the Editors- September, 2018

    Dear LeftWord Books community, In 1943, in the midst of the terrible battles of the Second World War, the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre took a massive book – 700 pages – to the publisher Gallimard and asked them to publish it. The book – Being and Nothingness – was a dense philosophical inquiry into human existence. It came out in August 1943. The publisher felt that it would not sell. In times of war, this was not a negligible worry. Paper was scarce, readers of such books even[...]
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