1. Kerala FM T.M. Thomas Isaac Talks to Vijay Prashad @ LeftWord

    Kerala FM T.M. Thomas Isaac Talks to Vijay Prashad @ LeftWord

    Before the elections, Kerala's finance minister T.M. Thomas Isaac, who has also written several books (some of them for LeftWord), sat down for a little chat with our chief editor Vijay Prashad. In this short interview, Isaac briefly explains how they're trying to do things differently in Kerala, keeping in mind that people want dignity as much as they want bread. A rough transcript of their talk has been included below the video.       Vijay Prasad (VP): Hello! Welcome. I am Vijay Pr..
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  2. May Day at May Day – 2019

    May Day at May Day – 2019

    2019 was special for us at LeftWord Books. We turned 20 this year. Even the bookstore – May Day – is 6 years old now. 'There was barely place to stand!' is what we reported last year. But we broke our own record this year, with over 800 of you joining our May Day celebrations. Amidst all the books, coffee, pastries and music, we went around asking you questions. Hope that didn't bother much. We were only trying to survey who was visiting us. The total number who agreed to take the survey w..
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  3. Story Time in Kerala

    Story Time in Kerala

    On a warm evening in 1972, when I was five years old and living in a village by the sea—Puthenthope in Thiruvananthapuram—I accompanied my cousin to our village library. The librarian gave me a nice smile and took me to the old wooden shelves where the children's books were stacked. As I quickly glanced through them my eyes rested on an oddly shaped book—Vaalameen Chirikkunnu (The Vaala Fish Laughs). The book was the Malayalam translation of a Soviet folktale, fabulously illustrated and pr..
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  4. An India without the Left?

    An India without the Left?

    To understand the Left’s central role, one has to take stock of the mass mobilisations to highlight injustice and inequity One out of every two Indians goes to bed hungry at night. That’s almost 700 million Indians. The number comes from McKinsey. But you don’t need a consultant to tell you about the distress in India. It is evident on our streets and in our fields. Agrarian distress (amplified by the suicide of farmers) and urban distress (illustrated by the growth of slums) have become ..
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  5. Letter from the LeftWord Editors

    Letter from the LeftWord Editors

    Dear Friends, We are writing to you as India prepares to vote. By all accounts, this promises to be an enormously consequential election. Both of us – in our individual capacities – signed a letter from more than 200 writers that is motivated by the attacks on writers and artists, filmmakers and musicians. Many of our friends and colleagues have been hounded by fanatical sections that believe that the destruction of reason is a price worth paying for their ascent to power. We signed this ..
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