गुजरात और हिंदुत्व प्रोज़ेक्ट- तीस्ता सेतलवाड़ के संस्मरण का एक अंश

गुजरात के विधानसभा चुनाव के प्रचार से एक बात जो साफ़ हुई है वह यह है कि नरेन्द्र मोदी और बीजेपी का विकास का चेहरा महज एक छलावा भर है. इस चुनाव में कांग्रेस से मिल रही जबरदस्त टक्कर के बीच बीजेपी ने विकास को छोड़ अपना अल्पसंख्यक-विरोधी पैंतरा फिर से बेशर्मी से इस्तेमाल किया [… click here for more]

On the Death of Comrade Sukomal Sen (1934-2017)

In 1985, when Sukomal Sen was a member of the Rajya Sabha, he stood up to speak about a World Bank loan that had been taken by the Government of India. Sen and his comrades in the communist movement warned – early on – about the insinuation of the World Bank and the International Monetary [… click here for more]

संसद मार्ग पर मजदूरों का महापड़ाव

अमित श्योकंद  सेंट्रल दिल्ली शहर और देश के लिए एक महत्वपूर्ण इलाका है. यहाँ देश की संसद से लेकर राष्ट्रपति, प्रधानमंत्री, मंत्रियों और प्रमुख विभागों के मुख्यालय स्थित हैं. ऐसा अमूमन कम ही होता है कि सेंट्रल दिल्ली में कुछ हो रहा हो और वह सुर्ख़ियों का हिस्सा ना बने पर पिछले तीन दिनों से [… click here for more]

The Revolution of 1917

Vijay Prashad Today – November 7, 2017 – is the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917. In February of that year, the working class and peasantry – along with the soldiers – overthrew the Tsar’s regime. That October (November in our calendar), led by the Bolshevik party, the workers and peasants completed their [… click here for more]

The Russian Revolution Is Still Relevant Today

The upcoming 7th November will mark the 100 years of the Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution changed the course of history in many ways. In what is remarked as one of the most significant events of the 20th century, the ordinary Russians took control of the stage to overthrow the provisional government and established a rule [… click here for more]

Writing About Caste Violence in Southern Tamil Nadu

By K.A Manikumar I moved from Tirunelveli to Erode in 1992 to become Reader in History at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. I was struck by the frequency with which people in the area plunged into social violence. The flimsiest pretext seemed to be sufficient. I decided to study the underlying factor for social violence in Erode. [… click here for more]

Getting to know the ‘Bolsheviks’

Suchetana Chattopadhyay In the cities of colonial India, caught in the vortex of war-time/post-war scarcity and political repression, how did the colonizers and a segment of their literate middle-class subjects perceive and depict the Bolshevik Revolution through newspaper pages? In the course of November 1917, the colonial world became gradually acquainted with Bolshevism through hostile news networks based [… click here for more]

The Fight Against Sexual Harassment: A Call for the Long Road rather than the Short Cut

By Aparna Mahiyaria and Sahil Kureshi  We want to start with extending our deepest solidarities to the survivors of sexual harassment that runs rampant in the academy and beyond. We acknowledge that sexual harassment, in all its forms, is far too widespread. That senior and serial offenders have operated with impunity and survivors have been [… click here for more]

Communist Prints: Sidenotes to the Asian Women’s Conference of 1949

Lisa Armstrong. The paper caught my attention. The pictures slipped into my fingers from the archive file. The paper was fine and strong, with a subtle texture and sheen. It felt as if it were made of silk. Three of the brightly colored woodblock prints shared the same paper. All featured peasant women were reveling [… click here for more]

Facing odds still moving ahead: Kulgam (Jammu & Kashmir)

By Tikender Panwar Very few people know that the red flag of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), CPIM, staunchly defends the people’s rights against the police and military excesses here and also is a beacon to combat the designs of secessionist elements in Kashmir valley. In the state, the CPIM is a small party, which [… click here for more]